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And thank you, guys/gals for the "Welcome Back." I missed foo a lot.
Yeah, I'm one of those racer-types who you would think would stay in the racer forum. But I feel the relaxation of this forum helps me recover from hard training mornings. Laughter is one of the best forms of recovery. I don't want to constantly be stressed by things. I'm not saying the racing forum is a bad place by any stretch. I love a lot of the guys there. There's some awesome info and it helps you to stay motivated. I just don't want to compare myself constantly to others. That's "my" problem - not theirs. I'm who I am.

In foo I can be who I am. The way God made me. I don't have to line myself up with anyone. Some people have a natural ability to say, "Screw it. I don't care what they think." I have a hard time doing that. That's one of the reason I chose to go away for a bit. I have so so much going on in my life right now. I've been struggling with a lot of things up here <points to head> and here <points to heart>. I've been questioning a lot of things in my life: A lot of "Emo" stuff (as botto put it one day in the forum).

When things pile up on you, sometimes you question your own existence. I had a lot of WTF moments I had to iron out. Still do.
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