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Originally Posted by substructure View Post
Went as follows:
Train hard. Race. Crash. Race. Flat. Race. Top 20. Train. Race. Get butt kicked. Race. Get butt kicked. Train harder to not get butt kicked anymore.

Or something like that.

I'm through with racing in pain. It's virtually gone now. I'm almost through with training and racing with this 25lb Ciocc too. I've got some things worked out on a Scott Addict R4 w/ Campy 11 speed. I should hopefully have her by next week.

I'm not done by any stretch. I'm ready to be competitive in the Masters' races. So ready. At whatever cost it takes (to my body) to get at that level, I'm going to do it. I laid down 6 hours on the trainer in the past 3 days doing 2 days of V02s and one day of SST. My weight is down and I'm slowly building back up my power to where it was before the crash. It was somewhere near 4.6W/kg. That shouldn't be a problem. My only tick is to shake the negative thoughts that I have and lack of confidence. I use to get to the front of a race and stay there. Go with every attack. Challenge everything. You know? Now, I'm a bit too cautious. And waiting for a race to come to you seldom works. So I keep trying to visualize myself on the front, working, attacking, winning.
You got the mental battles won, thats good! Good luck sub.
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