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Season's derailed before it even started

Today was the first official practice day for a 2-day / 2-race even at Spokane's Beacon Hill. Things were progressing well for me through the day. I was practicing the Saturday course and found a fellow Blindside rider (30+ guy) to partner up with a follow through some of the sections that were giving me fits. Last run before moving over to try a run or two on the Sunday course. Finally, after a year of it stymying me, I nailed the double near the top and also cleared a new double after a berm-to-berm. I was soooo jacked. A bit too jacked I guess: I hit a jump I've done like a bazillion times, only things were going so well, the little voice inside me said I didn't need to brake-check it this time. Mistake. Over-rotated and overcompensated the hip, so I nosed down in the bottom off-kilter and piled it in the bottom.

Limped down the hill, packed up, drove in to urgent care and - - sure 'nuff - - x-ray says I cracked my collarbone. This weekend's gone; our own Beacon race next month is gone and I'll feel fortunate if I can get back on in time for the Fluidride national at Port Angeles, WA in May. Crap

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