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In the rack trunk, which moves between bikes:

-Leatherman (because I have one anyway)
-Chain tool
-Allen wrenches
-Tire irons
-Patch kit

-Bulb (for my one-lamp NightRider)
-Tube (wrapped in a sock I can use to wipe grease off my hands)

-Cell Phone
-Glasses case for whichever pair I'm not wearing
-Reflective triangle and blinkie (worn around the waist, hanging down at butt-level, after dark
-Arm, leg warmers; ear covers (in changeable weather)
-Cable lock
-a couple of plastic supermarket bags, some rubber bands, some galvanized wire, and a little roll of gaffer tape in a little bundle. These are all-purpose emergency tools.

In the pannier that lives on the rain bike: rain jacket and pants, some more plastic bags and rubber bands. (This stays home in warm weather.)

I haven't quite worked my new Arkel Briefcase into the mix yet. I may just go with the briefcase plus a small underseat bag on the Airborne, and leave the trunk on the Novara all the time. I haven't quite gotten my head around having the ability to cycle with my laptop yet.

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