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Originally Posted by canflyboy View Post
I spent most of the day playing with different stem lengths and I felt better with a 30mm shorter stem. As mentioned earlier in this thread by MikeT. a shorter stem will point in the direction of needing a smaller frame. Since the Blue TR250 came in, it's been raining track bikes at my LBS (http://thebicycleshop.ca/ ...shamless plug). A shipment of Jamis Soniks arrived. http://www.jamisbikes.com/usa/thebik.../09_sonik.html

I tried a 56cm and it was more to my liking. Looking at the geometries, the TT was shorter and the stem was shorter and for me, made all the difference. I just have to get used to those REALLY deep drops. I tried road bars on one test spin, but I think I'll look for some Pista bars with less drop as the Jamis has the same drop as the Blue. The Jamis does have lots of spacers between the stem and head tube, making the drop not as harsh, especially for a track newbie in his 50's

Many thanks for all your help.

Man, you don't NEED to run track specific bars.

Track bars are unique in that there is not flat part in the middle like with road bars. There is no upright riding on the track. That extra material adds extra weight, so track bars go straight to the drops.

Track bars are a bit beefier to tolerate the ridiculous torque that some riders (not me) can put down.

I see quite a few ergo road bars on track bikes on tracks. So, I wouldn't count out high quality road bars in your search for the right bar.
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