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The HR people at my company told me I had to claim it on my individual taxes. I told them that wasn't the way I read it, but they insisted that they looked into it and that's the way it it really is. They seemed pretty uninterested in it, so I think they just held on to the info I gave them for a couple of weeks and then came up with that lame-o story to cover their butts.

They keep pushing all of these "healthy lifestyle" brochures on us, they pay for new equipment and upgrades to the exercise room, and they spend loads of money on fruit that just seems to go to waste. When I try to suggest something that I was sure would benefit myself and the company, they just wrote it off. I've even offered to lead group rides out of the office, but everyone thought I was joking, or being a wise-*ss. Oh well, I enjoy my daily commute, regardless of their ignorance.
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