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Need sizing help

I need to buy a HT frame and I've discovered that I'm right in between the typical "medium" and "large" frames. I'm 5' 11" w/ a 33" inseam and it seems like the typical large size seems to fit OK but with very little crotch clearance and seated the posture is very upright, and a medium seems to fit OK, maybe a little cramped, clearance is OK, but the seatpost has got to be sticking waaaay out to get the right extension.

I'm coming off of riding a fully rigid mtb from the 90s and I'm just not used to the headtube being so high and really don't know which I would end up being more comfortable on. I just test rode some bikes and both feel weird. It seems like the choice is either little clearance and upright position seated, but overall fitting OK and decent clearance, not as upright seating, but a ridiculous amount of seatpost showing and possibly feeling a little cramped.

So I'm wondering if anyone else in that sort of 5' 10"-6' in between range could tell me what they went with and why or what they prefer and why. I'd appreciate it.
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