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Originally Posted by H-Bear View Post
Yes, 25 each way and 50 round trip. FYI - I'm a native Houstonian, so just assumed that was a given.

Personally, I would rather wake up a little later, drive to KMM, and ride 80-miles in a somewhat controlled environment. Just getting out of Sharpstown can be a nightmare, especially in the wee hours of the morning, and then dealing with bad roads, lights, and such.

But again, that's just me...

edit: I missed the part where you don't have a car. Rather than ride out to KMM, you could ride to Hershey (sp?) and do a few loops.
Pretty much done that a few times. My 50 mile ride on my 50th birthday was from my house to where Terry Hershey starts at Beltway 8 then on to where George Bush Park MUP ends at Fry Road and back plus a victory lap near my house to get thet little bit over 50 miles. The bad part of that day was when my left crank fell off kept having to stop and tighten it down. The good part was I got to meet CPBlue. The roads aren't that bad really, just about have bike lanes all the way to Katy.
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