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The best thing going in the cycling community is this site, the other sites like it and the people in them. I've been riding for several years now but because nobody I know takes any interest in cycling, I've been 'on my own' as far as learning about mechanics, etiquette, the do's and don'ts and so on. In other words, locked in a permanent state of Freddism. I think I've learned more about cycling in the past few months since I've been here than an all the years I've been riding combined. I have only YOU and everyone else here to thank for that, and I do thank you all. I know this sounds like a goofy sentimental moment but this is all true. In our banter here, we may overlook the fact that we're really helping each other all along the way, giving our best advice and opinions for the ultimate end of letting everyone become a better, safer and more informed rider. I appreciate that. And, as was mentioned, there are some bad eggs in the community, but the good eggs and their good deeds outweigh any damage done by those scoundrels.

So, in all sincerity, I tip my hat to everyone in this forum and everyone in the cycling community.
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