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Originally Posted by cyclezen View Post
I'm 5' 10 3/4", 33.75 inseam, measured barefoot to floor.
I'm also more adapted to the '90s' position of more down, forward and stretched...
I find all the new bikes way too upright for me, high bars, too tight in.

Have tried to go 18" frame - way too short

Now have one 19 and one 19.5 (LG - one is Spec Epic Comp, other is older KHS Pro) - much better - not just in leg extension, but also longer toptube length. could have easily gone with a 20"...

TTs measure 60.5 to 61.5 cm, and I'm using 120mm & 130mm stems, 'flipped' - makes a huge difference climbin steeper stuff. Feels fine ridin on flat and descents. On steeper descents feels great to hang off the back of the seat with these rigs.
I don;t look for serious hucks or drops, just the occasional 'OH ****!" moments one normally happens upon... I break too easily these daze.
Sounds like you have looong arms? The totally upright position of that large bike I rode just freaked me out. It was like I was on a comfort bike or something. But I took a chance and I went ahead and bought a kinesis maxlight xc2 I've been eyeing (some stuff is super cheap ordering from the UK and this frame is one of them stuffs) cuz the geometry is very similar to a "medium" giant I rode the other day, freakishly similar, except a longer seattube and slightly longer top tube, so in a way it's almost in between the medium and the large I tested. Like I said since I gotta buy a frame (and am on a budget) I can't really test ride the exact thing I'd end up buying, so fingers crossed this won't have as tall a front end as the large but a longer seattube than the medium.
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