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Originally Posted by TimJ View Post
Sounds like you have looong arms? The totally upright position of that large bike I rode just freaked me out.
knuckles scrape the ground - conversely, when I sit down I'm about eye level with a 5 yr old... (they, of course, have much more brain power) - I really DISLIKE sitting in 'booths' in restaurants, feel like I need a booster seat.
Funny thing is what is common for people is that long legs usually means long arms, short legs/shorts arms.
Short legs, Long torso, Long arms - you're an Orangutan
If you have long legs/long arms/long torso, well you're just 'Taller', duh...

I totally freaked out when I borrowed a newish stumpie, with 'modern' position, from a friend. Hit a small steep section on our local greenspace and I thought I was gonna go over backwards. The frt wheel felt like it had wheeled a foot!
With short torso, my CG is further back than most people, so liftin the front wheel happens quickly on the upslope. I really have to think about getting forward to get some weight on the frnt end.
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