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Will 39 spokes work for 20 miles?

Tomorrow morning Mrs. Mono and I are driving to the big city to do Tour Dallas. Its a two hour drive but we do it every year. We plan to take our Burley Rock-n-Roll tandem with 26" wheels. Tonight we get back from a short ride and find we have a broken spoke. Its on the drive side, rear wheel. I pulled the cassette and had a replacement, but I couldn't get the new spoke in from the outside of the hub and then up to the rim without taking other spokes loose, and I'm no wheelbuilder.

The late Sheldon Brown said 36 spokes would do on a 26 incher. So first I tweaked all the spokes till they "felt" about equal in torque, including loosening a couple of offside spokes, working only a quarter turn at a time. Then I tweaked the wheel till it was as true as I could make it, with no tire on. Then I remounted the tire, took it for a spin, and all feels good.

We plan to take a fiberflex spoke (I keep one for touring) and go ahead and do the 20 or 30 mile ride. So, will we make it without further problems?

What else could I do at 8PM when we leave in 8 hours (and there is no LBS within 70 miles of the house)?
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