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Tips for bunnyhopping.

Hey everyone, I'm a newbie to Freesyle Bmx ( Less than one year), and I'm tying to get good at bunnyhopping. Well I can't bunnyhop at all right now and I don't know why!! I know how to do them, I just can't do them. I can lift the back up just using the pedals, ( I don't clip my feet in either) and I can lift my manuals maybe about 1ft to 1.5ft off of the ground consistantly, but I can't put them together! I can do the manual part of bunnyhopping, but whenever I try to get the back up I either lift them unevenly and nose it, or hop off of the pedals. I usually end up hopping off of the pedals, and I was told that means I'm not pointing my toes enough. Well anyway if anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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