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I was riding from Beltway 8 to that park at Memorial near Eldridge and back this afternoon. Everyone seemed to just be having a mellow time in the terrific weather.

This is just about the first time I've had a day off when the weather was really nice. Took the new bike over to Performance Bikes to have the mechanic fix a couple of issues then rode over to Terry Hershey. Felt good. I was wondering how well I could take the rollers on just one gear but for the most part those were unfounded concerns. Made it up all of them pretty much except where I had trouble passing this one kid on a Specialized Hybrid that needed some work on his rear deraileur. On that steep S curve near Wilcrest he was actually sideways in the middle of the MUP trying to make his way up. So much for my building up speed and spinning my way up.

Cruising speed wasn't bad either. For a 50 y. o. with one gear just pedaling a steady pace I was catching and passing a lot of the riders out there ( I know it's not a race but I don't have a computer on my bike so I generally judge speed by who, what, when, and where I pass and of course who passes me and how quickly.)

Overall, it was a good day.
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