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Originally Posted by sirtigersalot View Post
quick googling shows the sun rims at ~60ea and the mavics at ~80ea, but both are welded, idk if the mavics are actually any wider

the rims are the only thing that looks like a downgrade that you will actually care about, so i might just go in if i was you and just say your arn't happy with the rims or w/e and forget the rest, avid brakes are great, and fsa parts are prolly better than kona prorietary ****, thats usually a cost saver for the company, but that fsa stuff is def their lower end stuff, but in the end i wouldn't bother fussing about bars and that kinda stuff, just take care of the wheels and u'll be happy with the bike
I spoke to the owner who acknowledged the components were not up to spec and he is going to replace them.
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