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my biggest complaint about cat 3/4/5 is the absence of continued "stretching the elastic". weak people go out the back, but not enough strong go off the front. I think this is because everyone is looking for upgrade points so the racing is often negative and defensive instead of aggressive.

so, often (even in cat 3) there is a small breakaway up the road by 10 to 30 seconds, and then a ball of riders following. when the small breakaway is caught, the ball of riders just becomes a ball + breakaway. or, single riders try to bridge and fail, then bridge and fail instead of working with a few others to really put the pressure on the front of the group, so the field catches up and it's again a ball of riders. that's when crashes seem to happen.

conversely, put 1s and 2s in the mix and you have alot more single file hammering going on, which is almost always more fun, not to mention safer.

dont be afraid to grab the bull by the horns.

*this post written by the doofus who has been dropped from so many breakaways I've lost count
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