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here's some golden rules:

- batteries in series creates a higher voltage battery pack
- batteries in parallel creates a larger battery at the same voltage that won't go dead as easily
- the power rating of you motor is an indicator to how much heat it can handle before it burns up. As long as you don't overheat the motor, it will take the extra power and deliver extra performance.
- all batteries in a battery pack should have the same Ahr rating, if you don't, then the weakest battery will always go dead the fastest, and it will always take the most charge current when recharging. not a good long term strategy because that battery will take a real ***** kicking.
- if you are searching for people that have overvolted their bikes, don't take the word of just 1 person. try to find several people that are doing the same thing.
- Don't exceed the Amp ratings of your controller, otherwise it might burn up.
- if you aren't prepared to lose or damage something, then stay stock and be happy.

best of wishes to you!
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