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I'm a big stickler for position, and my Arione and my old preferred Titanios have the same forward length. I also checked the SMP, which seemed similar in "butt shape" to the Arione, and I found basically the same thing.

The Arione extends further back so my forward seat position looks less... forward. But the forward part seems about the same length as other saddles.

For the OP, you can experiment with saddle position, slide it forward a bit. At some point, on longer rides or maybe hills, you'll find yourself running out of saddle at the back. Then you're too far forward.

Sprinting seated works for many people, but I find that I accelerate much better standing. Holding that speed, if I'm in a big gear, works while standing, but in certain situations that's not true. For example, on the track, I can't sprint standing up. I can jump, but not sprint.

In really long sprints I'll sit to try and get a second jump in, but that usually means I'm dying and desperate.

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