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The guy who dumped me on the Hump 2 weeks ago won the Bkill 50+

Kevin Haley, DKNY. We do a Saturday lung-buster training ride called the Hump together. He's about my age (50-51). Kevin's a long time racer and a beast. He WON the 50+ at Battenkill this weekend. He is riding strong. On the Hump a couple of weeks back the ride starts out with 25 guys, then it's 7-8 of us at the end. On the last little grinder on Pulaski Hwy (Grumpy will recall I launched on this one when we rode together) Kevin jumps. I'm the only one that gets his wheel. We have a great gap. I'm trying to get my wind back, floating off his wheel. When we make the right turn onto the downhill 2 miles from the finish I make the fatal mistake of not jumping to re-gain his wheel on the descent. I spent the next 3/4 of a mile 50 feet off his wheel. Couldn't get it.

Oh well. Kevin beat some fast F-ing old guys in that race. At least the guys that pwn me are good, eh? I feel like I had lunch with some girl who just became a movie star.

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