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Last years Cat 5 race was ran at the same time as the Collegiate D race so the field was quite large, this year doesn't seen to be the case. What I found worked well was to get out in front early on the first couple laps if you are a good descender as you can take the corner at the bottom of the hill at about 30mph and most guys were riding the brakes for part of the hill. That way you can recover for a few seconds before attacking teh hill. The hill isn't all that bad, was able to do it in my big ring all 10 laps, just watch for an early attack within the first 2 laps and if you can get in on that you should have a good size group to work with. Last year I missed the break and found myself soloing for a lap or so in the middle of the race. Wind will play a big factor if it is out of the East, but really any other direction you should be fine. I will be there doing the 4's race this year, 20 times up the hill
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