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Training plan....

I am about to start riding again (i've been off the bike since aug.), so my aerobic endurance is non exsistant. Dont get me wrong i am fit and very strong ( 6'1 205lbs 13%bf 22yrs old ) i just havent been doing cardio.

I want to start getting my body in shape and ready for racing...NEXT YEAR (ya i'm not stupid). As far as training goes i feel as though i need to start out trying to get a good aerobic base, longer rides, set and keep an intensity..i will be going off of heart rate. I will also be dropping weight aswell.

Then around maybe late late summer i plan on really starting to raise my anaerobic threshold with intervals (various sets, various intensities). I would probably set up a spilt system (like i do for lifting), 2 or 3 days a week aerobic (longer moderate intensity rides) and 2 days of high intensity intervals.

How does this sound? I am an exercise science major, so i know a bit....but not everything by any

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