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I thought your original question was one of How to carry all the stuff that we ineveitably need to haul back home when we are out riding and think...shoot I need to pick up some: you fill in the blank? Aero Stich is a motorcycle clothing and bag maker and has a pretty substantial catalog. Great stuff, nice people! I saw this in their most recent catalog and called them. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock until late May. I will own one when the come in! At 4.5 x 3.75 x 2" I will stuff it in my seat pack, ever-ready to be whipped out whenever the urge hits me! Were one to sew a strap around the folded bag it would fit nicely around a seat tube or perhaps tuck up under the seat rails OR maybe even be used on one's belt when used off-bike?

I Googled for a light weight Sil-nylon bag and this appears to be THE only one out there in the $25 dollar range that folds down this small...and in designer colours, too! More pics online.

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