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Originally Posted by Tom Stormcrowe View Post
Welcome to the Road Cycling Forum!

This is a thread to ask all those questions that you're not sure are too simple or too complicated (trouble changing tires, what certain terminology means, etc...). In here there are no stupid questions though being really clear and posting pictures will get you better answers. Questions like "Shimano, Sram, or Campagnolo?", "Bibs or Shorts?", "What's the best saddle?", however are asked often - you'll probably find the answers you need by taking advantage of the search function (top right) first for an answer. We'll also maintain a list of quick reference links below - feel free to post others.

For veteran users this thread will be modded a bit heavier to ensure all responses are respectful to our newer members as per the forum guidelines. Any users that violate or attempt to push those guidelines will be issued infractions without warning, as well as responses that don't attempt to answer the question (eg., "use the search") though links to relevant threads are appreciated. OT discussion will be trimmed as needed.

After you've gotten comfortable and want to post more, let me fill you in a bit on the culture in the Road Cycling world.

Road Cyclists are in general highly competitive athletes, and can be a bit rough in their humor. Sarcasm and insults can and do occur, so you're going to need a bit of a thick skin in here. They aren't meant in malice (generally). It's just their aggressive, cutting humor, often with a razors edge. Think of them as an athletic versions of George Carlin, Billy Connolly, or Chris Rock. Just like riding with a new group of cyclists, it may be a good idea to sit in the back, to get a feel for the group, before you jump into the thick of things.

Now that you've been warned about the average road cyclist, enjoy the fun, grab the gems of information here, and always remember to keep a good hold on your sense of humor. They might yell at you from time to time, but they really do generally mean it to be constructive. If you see a bit of bantering back and forth between members, it's their way of hashing out differing opinions and is usually settled with a cyber handshake.

The above does not mean the guidelines aren't in force, because in point of fact, they are, and they are posted here (and at the top right of your screen).

Please review them to be familiar with them.

Bike Reference: - Anything you need to know about bicycles - Excellent mechanics site, how to on just about everything

Bike Forum Questions: - Forum Guidelines - Posting Pictures - BF News - Forum Suggestions

Road Cycling Stickies: - What happened to the other stickies (they're here) - What bike do you have? - For Trade, NO SELLING, NO MONEY - RIP Sheldon Brown - Thread About Nothing

Bike Buying and Materials: - How to buy a good bike - For heavier riders (otherwise known as Clydesdales or Athenas) - Road Bikes under $700 - Fatigue test of Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum vs Steel

General Differences between Cyclocross / Touring / Hybrid / Road / Mtn Bikes: - Hybrid discussion - Touring Bikes vs Racing Road Bikes (great comparisons here) - Newbie guide to touring - Triple vs Double vs Compact

Fitting your bike - Wrist pain - Specialized Seat Bone measurer - Knee pain - Fit Calculator - Another Fit Calculator

Mechanical Issues: - Sliding seat post - Truing bladed spoked wheels - Biodegradable degreasers - Pumps? - Caged vs Loose Balls - Hub overhaul - Grease - Pinned Chainrings - Lube - Rack and Fender installation - Measuring a bottom bracket
YouTube - 9 - Front Derailleur Adjustment - Front DR adjustment
YouTube - Bicycle Rear Wheel Installation - Easy way to put on a rear wheel

Random bike stuff: - Road Rash Aid - Build a cadence monitor for <$12 - Rechargable battery for GPS - More on rechargables - DIY Custom Frame Kit - Physics of forks - Riding tips - Flat fix by tying a knot in the tube - dealing with rust - Wrapping Bar Tape

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