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Todays letter to the Editor:

"Cars kill more pedestrians than bicyclists, even though the bicyclist spends more time in the road. Why is that?

I think in addition to helmets, the Police should distribute free tail lights and rear view mirrors to bicyclists. These items are much better than they were when I was a kid. The tail lights of today have LED's instead of incandescent bulbs, so they can run up to three hundred hours on two AA batteries.
And there are rear-view mirrors today that attach to the end of the handlebar with a Velcro strap - which is a great thing, because one doesn't need tools to install it, and it can be re-adjusted without tools if it gets bumped. Also, the Velcro strap mirror can be switched from one bike to another, which is good for cyclists who have more than one bike.

Would the motorists please be more careful ? Remember, there are certain motorists who "buzz" bicyclists on purpose, trying to run them off the road. You don't want to be mistaken for a road-rager, you might get cussed at. Or you might end up in jail facing Aggravated Vehicular Assault charges. Do you really want to stand in front of a Judge explaining that you were just inattentive or absent minded?"
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