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UK average for 9 yrs ending 2007 was 1.76 per million.

Part of the problem (I hypothesise) is the fact that the Florida driving test is a joke. Saw a British immigrant take it as part of a tv programme on relocating abroad. It consisted of a multi-choice questionnaire, which he passed, never having studied for it, and driving round a glorified car park withs ome road markings and traffic signs,none of which tests the applicants ability to drive in traffic.

The UK has the written test (introduced looong after I took mine) and 20 minutes driving in traffic with an examiner. Anything more than the most minor of misjudgements/errors and you've failed.

It would seem that in Florida, if you had access to an area replicating the test area, you could actually pass the test without ever having driven on the road.

I stand to be corrected, of course, me living 3500 miles away.
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