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Originally Posted by bjjoondo View Post
I also do that but it's kinda my fault as you see, "I'm a coward"! I've had a couple of friends hurt badly (broken bones) from not getting out the the clipless pedals, heck I won't even use clips with straps, I use the old "METAL" Christoper half clips.

The problem seems to be that with "modern" non-clipless pedals, the only have "ONE" position where you can mount the bolts/clip and it's not far enough to the outside of the pedal, even with the little bit of adjustment spacing on the clip itself. Back in the 80's, the pedals seem to have a "open space" across the whole pedal area, (at least the one's I had on both my Univega road touring bike and my Raleigh hardtail mtb) so I could place the clip right where in need it.

The other problem seems to be my physical build, I'm severely KNOCK KNEED, ie: my knees don't point straight, they point way to the "outside" which put's a lot more pressure on the "inside" of my knee and seems to make it so I have to have the "clip" more to the outside of pedal for it to be truely comfortable. Bummer huh I guess all I can do is keep looking for the "right" pedals.
There is a device that moves the pedals outboard. It is a small "shaft extender" that screws on to the end of the pedal thread to make it a little longer.
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