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Brooks tale # ?

I have uneven sit bones, so have used stretched leather saddles. With a hard plastic saddle causing a bleading wood on the left bone. I'v delt with the short leg issue with shims & no real solution. My latest B 17 was rather thin & stretched quickley. I have been trying a professional, with the thicker leather, off and on for a coupple years. I returned from a 90 mi. overnight a coupple weeks ago with the sit bone as painful as ever. In desperstion I roled the bike into the garage, got out my heat gun. I heated the left sit bone area until it was warm to tuch (not bubling hot) got on and rod for about 10 min. the left bone was very happy, the rt. not so much. I reheated both sides and repeated the ride. It has been 2 weeks and i'v nothing but good to say about the process. I had only used proofhide & regular shoe polish on the saddle, NO oil. The impressions on the saddle are more evedent now,and the unevenness is easy to see. I heated the saddle so lightly (blow dryer) that I hardley notised it therw paded shorts. I hope that if anyone tryes this that i'm not to blame for any blazing saddles!
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