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Originally Posted by Eclectus View Post
I was down there on I-95, doing 80 and being passed right and left. Okay let's do 85. Not so many passes, but still some doing well over 90. One pickup hauling a 20ish foot boat on a trailer passed me.
Sounds like I-15 in Nevada on the way into Sin City, we had to do 80+mph so as not to be passed up again by a motorhome with a broken leaf spring perch, causing it to "crabwalk" at a 25 to 30 degree angle. Not to mention hearing my wife exclaiming "Oh my God" while looking in the rear view mirror and then being passed on both sides a split second later, by a minivan(in the fast lane) and a SUV(in the slow moving truck lane) racing each other at over 100+mph with both being filled to the rafters with luggage and kids. For one to do the posted 75mph was asking to be rear ended.
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