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I rode twelve miles yesterday, but today I did not ride on account of rain. I made a pound cake last night, and slathered the slices with black cherry jelly before eating them. Good source of calories.

It looks like I started this blog two years ago, and forgot about it. Then I got back to it recently. So today I want to spew out a few thoughts.

I have been riding slower than I used to. I think it is a myth that speed will make the problem of passing motorists disappear. I am trying to get back to covering milage, without trying to go to fast. Yes , I was probably going about 40 yesterday when I was going downhill. But the limit was 30MPH. A line of cars started to pass while I was cresting the hill, but I was up-shifting , and the third car was a Harley Davidson. After him , I moved over and took-the-lane. I did hold traffic back , but by the time we reached the bottom of the hill, we caught up with the Harley, which was making a left turn.

But I haven't had any bad experience with motorists lately (15 years). Maybe it's because I weigh 265 pounds now, and they aren't looking for a fight with someone as big as me. Maybe it's because I'm a Gulf War Veteran, and I told one of them I'd kill him if he came close to hitting my bike again...
Maybe it's the reflective vest I wear. Maybe the Blinkies , blinking even in the daytime, gets their attention. Maybe it's on account of the roads being repaved. Maybe it's because I wear a Polo shirt, with a collar, so I look respectable enough. But I haven't had any near miss (or near collision) in years.

What I wanted to say was; we need to promote bicycling as a sport for the wealthy, and not as a means of transportation for the poor. We'd get more respect that way. We need to tell people "I have a Car Too."
Really , it amazes me, I've been dropping the phrase "I have a Car Too" , and people are astonished!
They seem to think we ride bikes , like we don't have a choice?
"I have a Car and Five Bikes" and "All my Bikes are Insured by the same Company that Insures my Car"
Which really knocks them back, because they drive, but they don't have insurance.
Drop a hint.
Let the people know that we have cars. They seem to be laboring under the delusion that we are riding bikes because we don't have cars.

There may be some people who can't afford both. Do I spend $7,000.00 on a new Colnago, or on a used Lexus? I think it's best to have both bikes and cars . I had two cars in the early nineties, I shouldn't have sold the Buick . I kept the Ford F-150. I have a Dodge Caravan now.

Bicycle Racing? I have a stopwatch and a coaches whistle, and I've measured out two "Drag Strips" , 300 feet or a hundred yards long. One's in Sea Cliff, and one's in Locust Valley. But I have no volunteers for the race.
I chose the hundred yard drag race because I was never sucsesful finding riders for the 200 meter sprint. But I doubt I'll find volunteers to race.
So if your in Sea Cliff , NY, and you can find Sea Cliff Beach , hint; the Lamp Posts on the Boardwalk are 70 feet apart, so passing two of them is 140 feet, and four is 280 feet. bring some chalk.
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