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Originally Posted by phantyk View Post
From HP

Use the recovery discs to restore the PC by following the steps below.

Open the disc drive door and turn off the PC.
Insert the first Recovery disc in the disc drive and close the door.
Press the power button to turn on the PC.
The HP Recovery Manager window appears during the boot process.
If the HP Recovery Manager can access the hard drive, a prompt is displayed to backup the user files before continuing the recovery.
If the HP Recovery Manager cannot access the hard drive to fix the system errors, the HP Recovery Manager will overwrite all the data and reconfigure the entire hard drive to its original condition.
Follow the prompts to insert any additional recovery discs in the disc drive.

Supplemental Disk

The OS recovery disc, available from HP, may be used to recover many different models and products. Because there is a limit to the number of files on a disc, HP may also send a Supplemental Recovery disc with additional software files for specific models. If you have a model that needs one of these extra files, you will receive both the Recovery discs and a Supplemental disc. However, if your model does not need any of these extra files, you will not receive a Supplemental Recovery disc.
During the recovery process, you will be prompted to insert the Supplemental disc.

If you received a Supplemental disc, insert the disc and click OK or Next . The recovery program looks at the supplemental disc and decides which of the specific files are needed.
If you did not receive a Supplemental disc, you should click Skip or Cancel . The recovery program will ignore the request and install the next file on the Recovery disc.


Are you following those directions? If so, at what point are you having that error?
Thats ^^^ where I get the message, but now the freakin' dvd player won't open! I just priced it at $78.00! I don't know if I want to deal with this damn computer any more, maybe I'll just sell it as is and get out of it all together, Im just fed up with it, its a shame to 'cause its really a great computer when it works!
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