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Originally Posted by gregf83 View Post
I don't think most people ride TT bikes for enjoyment as they are not setup for comfort.
I would disagree. If I have been riding my TT bike with some regularity -- so I am "used to" the position, and particularly the neck bend -- I find it very comfortable.

The bike is obviously not designed for climbing or cornering, but if I'm going on a long, flat ride, the TT bike can even be more comfortable than a road bike. As I understand it, this should be so, where a TT position shifts the support of your upper-body weight from muscles to bones.

To the OP's question, I'd say it is a high probability that it is a triathlete. The guys I ride with who are "bike racers" mostly don't have TT bikes (although they may have multiple other bikes), and even the guys who have them don't ride them much except in or before races. On the other hand, the triathletes I ride with almost all have only one bike and it is a TT bike.
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