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Originally Posted by n00bL35 View Post
I don't have clip-on aero bars but I'm wondering what's so bad about having them on a road bike. Especially in Oklahoma, there are long flat stretches with god-awful amounts of headwind. It seems like it would be advantageous to be able to tuck in during these stretches where I'm not going to touch my shifters or brakes. I recall reading either on these forums or in RBA that pros would be faster on standard stages using aerodynamic TT style bikes (with slight geometric tweaking) if the UCI allowed it.
They would be faster, but less safe. With everyone having them, there's no comparative advantage. So the overall time on the stage would be faster, but the results wouldn't be appreciably affected. So they do nothing to enhance the race beyone increasing average speeds a bit while at the same time making it riskier. That's not a good tradeoff unless crashes are what entertains you about bike racing.
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