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Originally Posted by StephenH View Post
Okay...stupid question here, but does it make a whole lot of difference which one you train on?

Two of the guys on the Saturday morning group ride are triathletes, but they ride road bikes with no aerobars (I don't know if they used the same bikes for the triathlon or not) Last week, there was one guy there with aero bars, but he doesn't do any kind of competition. I'm not sure I'ver seen anyone on a TT bike around here, maybe once or twice at White Rock Lake or something. If you get off the group-ride-route, you don't see any roadies, for that matter.
It means they're smart triathletes. TT/Tri bikes in general aren't great for group riding. I would never show up on a group ride with my P2C.

Does it matter which one you train on? Absolutely. It's a very different position and it takes some getting used to/tweaking the position before you can generate good power. I've been working on my tri position etc. lately and not doing much group riding at all, so almost all my riding time has been on the P2C.
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