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"I don't think most people ride TT bikes for enjoyment as they are not setup for comfort."

Totally disagree. There would be lots more people on TT bike (just for fun) if people realized that this misconception was wrong.

I ride my Cervelo road bike about 65% of the time and my Cervelo TT bike about 35% of the time and I don't race anymore. The interesting thing is that I am in almost the exact same body position on both bikes. On the TT bike, I am just rotated more forward due to the totally different geometry (much more upright seatpost).

I am 50 years old and not very flexible and I could never be comfortable riding my road bike with aerobars but my TT bike is very comfortable.

The TT is a great change of pace and it is very fast. I gain at least 1-1.5 mph for the same power output on the TT bike which is a huge advantage in a 1 hour ride. I don't see many people with TT bikes but they are missing out on a lot of fun.
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