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Originally Posted by agarose2000 View Post
Ahhh, the prejudice. You should realize that the LA Triclub has 3 (!) groups of 10-30 every weekend, including an advanced fast group that does 70-120 miles of riding in the mountains, including the steepest climbs (including the Deer Creek 20% 2 mile climb section). Just because they're good riders (and most of them are) doesn't automatically mean they're roadies. A lot of the faster ones are as strong as Cat1/2 cyclists. (One guy runs a 2:20 marathon - olympic qualifying standard, is also monster fast on the bike, and he's not even the fastest one) I'm not as strong as the strongest, but I can definitely hang with the top half of the competitive pure roadie group (to their chagrin.)

I've ridden with both the local competitive roadie club and the intermediate and faster triclub groups here. Bike handling skills are totally fine in both groups, even with the prevalence of aerobars in the trigroup.

In summary - roadies shouldn't make judgments on trifolks until they ride with them.
I acknowledged that. It's not the fast ones or the capable bike handlers that perpetuate the stereotype, though. FWIW, LA Tri has ~1600 members. How do you feel riding in close proximity to the slowest 2-300? Would you really want to descend with them?

Whatever. It's all bike riding. At least they're out there. Did I mention that alot of the tri chicks are hot?
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