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Originally Posted by DScott View Post
I acknowledged that. It's not the fast ones or the capable bike handlers that perpetuate the stereotype, though. FWIW, LA Tri has ~1600 members. How do you feel riding in close proximity to the slowest 2-300? Would you really want to descend with them?

Whatever. It's all bike riding. At least they're out there. Did I mention that alot of the tri chicks are hot?
It is true that the less experienced people would be dicey to descend with, but honestly, those folks are so beginner that there's no way they'd be caught out in the Santa Monica mts, 50-80 miles from home on a weekend. It's simply too hard for them. (Deer Creek 20% incline for a beginner?!) Odds are if you see trifolks out in the mountains here (where most serious cyclists in West LA train), they're solid and experienced road cyclists despite their tribikes.

And yes, trichicks definitely fall into the hot category IMO. Although to be honest, the caveat is that because triathlon is a fairly expensive sport to start, most of the women are 30+ at races; the younger age groups are not that well represented in males and especially females. So not too many 21 yr old hotties if that's your thing.
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