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Originally Posted by agarose2000 View Post
One thing I have noticed as a fairly new triathlete is that it's hard to get really elitist as a multisport person - you're always getting your butt kicked in one of your weakest disciplines, and if you still think you're all that, just go on a group ride or group run with the local pure competitive bike or running clubs, and you'll realize how not all that you are. Only the elites can really dominate all 3 disciplines. Definitely harder to be a prima donna when you've got some perspective like that.
It's a humbling sport. I look at the numbers for some of these climbing rides, and just boggle that I did a 5 hour ride at an average speed of 12mph. That's beach cruiser speed! I sometimes wonder why, then realize it's probably for the 40mph downhills.
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