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On the question re the disk size 320 vs 370 a possible explanation is the somewhat misleading or misunderstood way for stating digital information storage. See for an explanation.

As for the number of partitions, there is a lot of reasons for more or less partitions and IMO has mostly to do with organisation of information. You can certainly do with only one but the HP Recovery one has a bit image of your HD as shipped from HP and if you ever need to revert to that state is worth keeping but certainly not manditory. It's essentially HP's way of providing you with a copy of the originally supplied software instead of, or maybe, in addition to supplying backup CDs. But being on the HD it can be lost if HD is repartitioned or in case of catastropic HD failure. If you maintain all of your data on the DATA partition you have the possibility of re-formatting your OS partition (usually the C: labeled one) without loosing your data. However in case of catastropic HD failure it will still be lost unless backed up. If there is nothing existing on the other partitions they can be deleted and the space reassigned to the partitions you want to keep. But be careful how you do that as there is potential of losing all the HD data in all partitions if done the wrong way, for instance using FDISK. I've successfully done it however using PartitionMagic. There is other equally safe(r) software for doing that and maybe it's even now built into Vista. Not sure though. If you don't actually need more space on your C: drive or DATA partition just yet just leave it as is and remember in the back of your mind that you have more available when/if needed.
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