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Originally Posted by sirtigersalot View Post
i agree that if i had 1 bike it couldn't be rigid, however it is fun from time, i enjoy xc riding on my cx bike on occasion, but even with the 7lb weight reduction vs my fs bike and the skinny tires and super stiffness, i'm way way slower and can't bike for nearly as long as I can on my fs, i'm also much more limited as to what trail i can ride.

how'd ur bike handle with the fork cranked down? normally that steepens the headtube and will change how the bike rides, i'd get somthin with a solid lockout and plenty of adjustability so you can tune it to your riding style, for example having a highish compression dampening to help reduce the effect of the fork squishyness ect
I like riding with the fork locked out, but I imagine it is still taking some of the roughness out of my ride. I guess I'll just have my suspension fork rebuilt with a stronger spring. I was going to fix it anyway, it's only 4 months old, and I'll see how that works out. If anything a rigid fork can be had later on down the line at a fairly cheap price.
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