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Letter of the Day:

There are a few flaws in your logic. One, ninety nine percent of bicyclists in the United States have a car or truck and a license , they already passed the DMV test. Two, many bicyclists already have their bicycles insured. I have my bikes insured on the same policy that covers my van. Three, Bicycle inspections? Bicycles are very simple devices, and if anything was wrong with a bicycle, it would be immediately visible and obvious. Brakes are the only thing I can imagine would need testing.
Four, any requirement for the bicyclist to PAY, would involve a *contract* between the state and the bicyclist. The state would then be liable for any death or injury resulting from anything, including, bad pavement, substandard width lanes, potholes , storm-water grates or death-traps like the one described in the preceding article. This is a well known fact and is why no state requires bicyclists to pay for non-existent or dead-end bicycle lanes.
Finally, I think you just need to accept the fact that bicycle move faster than cars in downtown areas.
You should get a bike and lead by example. YOU show others how to ride by setting a good example. I think you will learn something when the bike lane disappears and leaves you in the middle of a highway cloverleaf.
I'm not saying the bicyclist is free of responsibility. Indeed, bicyclists should have lights on their bikes, rear-view mirrors, a horn or bell and they should wear reflective vests. Eventually, I believe, every car and bike will have a GPS system which will ping or light-up when another vehicle comes within five hundred feet.
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