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bike for Africa - please help me!

I'll try and make this quick...

I'm going to Africa in January to go riding, starting in Egypt and going south. Since my bike has no brakes and has been run over a couple of times I think it might be time to get a new one. In Africa some of the roads will be paved, some will be hard-packed earth, some will be really bumpy, ****ty and hilly, and some sandy - I think I need a mountain or hybrid bike. I'm hoping to got for 7 or 8 months.

I've been quizzing dudes in bikeshops and have been told that getting a cheap bike from a department store is just as good as getting a bottom-of-the-range bike from a bikeshop. I really have no idea about bikes (though its an interesting learning curve!). If someone has the time, can they tell me if any of these bikes would be OK? (I know there are a lot)... and I know you'll all probably laugh at them, but I don't understand what the difference is between them, appart from price, some have suspension and some have different types of brakes... They're all cheap bikes, I only want a cheap bike.

Kawasaki Men’s 26" Mountain Bike with Dual Suspension
Titan Pathfinder Women’s 18-Speed Mountain Bike - 26"
Women’s Huffy Cavern 15-Speed All-Terrain Bike - 26"
Forge Vero LS Comfort Bike
Schwinn 24" Dual Suspension Bike
Schwinn 26" S-60 DSX Bike
Women’s Huffy Highland 18-Speed Road Bike - 26"
Huffy 26" Women’s Avarice Comfort Bike
Jeep® Hardtail Wrangler Ladies Mountain Bike
Jeep® Dual Suspension Cherokee® Mountain Bike
Huffy 26" Women’s Alpine Comfort Bike
Titan Trailblazer Women’s 21-speed Mountain Bike - 26"
Titan Punisher Unisex 21-speed Mountain Bike - 26"
Titan Glacier Unisex 21-speed Mountain Bike - 26"
Jeep® Cherokee Renegade Mountain Bike

PLEASE HELP ME! The guys in the bike shops don't seem to take me seriously at all, maybe you won't either given I'm suggesting cycling for 8 months on a $80 bike.

So I need a steel frame or an aluminium one.... aluminium is lighter?

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