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no george, Target's not the only place I'm looking... it just seemed to have the same bikes as the other department stores but cheaper... I was also looking in bike shops...

Sorry MichaelW, I kind of figured people would be hatin on me a bit... I'm not a troll, I'm just an Aussie kid... who is gunna go on a trans-African adventure, I'm leaving in mid-January... Please take me seriously, everone had to start somewhere right? Could you tell me why a steelframe is better than an aluminium frame? Also, where do I get a second hand bike like that from? Thanks for the tip on trying to use 28" wheels so that it will be easier to get parts if something brakes...

I would really like to know if there is a big difference between department store bikes and low-end bikes from bike shops... the guy in the bikeshop suggested this to me. If its true, then why would I buy a bike from a bikeshop. I don't want to spend loads because it might get nicked...?

I'm sorry for asking stupid questions, I was just hoping someone who knew about bikes could give me an honest answer without trying to sell me something, like everyone I have talked to in the shops has...
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