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Well before I posted here I did research the roads over there quite a lot, reading travelogues, looking at maps, scanning Google Earth Traks 4 Africa, and looking at loads and loads of photos which had roads in them. I also went to a few bike shops, including one where a guy I'd met who had ridden around Egypt works sometimes, but he's not around right now - the people in them knew nothing about Africa and couldn't advise me properly - like telling me to go to a department store... I read stuff too, but I don't understand all of it. So I thought I would try and get advice from people who actually understand touring... I'm sorry if I wasted your time with stupid questions...

Also I realised those bikes came off the US website a few hours later when I was in bed thinking about it. At the time I hadn't realised because the Kmart and Target stores I went to in Australia actually did stock the same bikes. Sorry it was the wrong site, I sort of hoped no one would notice, because theres enough people here who think I'm sketchy as it is...

In terms of where I have been... Outside of Australia I have been to a fair bit of Europe: Ireland, England, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, The Czech Republic, Greece and Bulgaria - I have been to some of these places up to 6 times, most recently (last half of 2005) I bought a car and lived in it whilst I and a mate drove 20,000km around these places. I have lived in the USA, I went to University there for a while (Berkeley - believe it or not... my oh my how the standards have slumped I here you say). I have been to Mexico a couple of times. I spent a month or so in Sri Lanka, also been to Thailand a couple of times. Popped into Morocco, been to New Zealand. Thats about it I suppose. I know I havn't exactly been to Africa before...

I understand how dubious most of you are, and I really don't mind any criticisms, but I don't think anything you say will dissuade me from going, so I would encourage you to offer advice and constructive criticism rather than rubbishing me too much... I hope I don't sound rude.
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