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Left OZ now in Malaysia
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Good luck mate, you are going to need it.

could you post a proposed route please.

many others had given good advice. But I may repeat some here to just to make sure.

1. Any ride is possible, on any bike, what you need to do is look at the probabilities, flats, tyres worn out, breakages. Try to at least buy a steel bike!! Cover all the logos etc with masking tape to make it look even worse than it may be.

Can you change a tube, or patch a tube? Change a tyre? Replace a broken spoke, especially the ones behind the rear cogs ( they have to be removed first). Use a chain breaker and replace links..
Learn these basics before you go,

2. Language, lots of people speak French in Africa, can you at least speak a little French? Have you got a book like "Point It" with photos of most stuff you will need, handy to indicate what you need.

3. Food and Water. Have you the capacity to carry enough, or even more than you may think?
Look at what kind of food stuffs you can actually buy or acquire in way out places. Water purification and/or filter.

The more time you spend now on planning and preparing for the worst, the better your trip will be.

I have only cycled in North Africa, Arab countries, where the people are either very friendly or hate me because I am British ( the Iraq problem), and a couple of times I have had the hairs on the back of my neck raise in apprehension. I have learnt to walk away and not inflame situations.

take care

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