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Good advice, Mr. Williams.
I've only bicycled 140,000 miles in 37 years of riding. I've never been knocked off my bike by a car, though.
One thing I have learned is ; Don't make an effort to go the speed limit. Motorists don't appreciate the effort, and would much rather be speeding than traveling at a mere speed limit.
In addition to your recommendations :
I use my blinking lights in the middle of the day! Often , my bike is in shade, created by trees or multi-story buildings, and cloud cover can come in at any time of the day.
I always wear a reflective vest, so I don't have to wear bright colored shirts.
I ride my Daughter's bike, because at my age, it's easier to dismount. If I'm at a red light, and a car is approaching at 45, I dismount and walk the bike. I've also added BMX handlebars to this ladies mountain bike, so I sit more upright. I don't care about aerodynamics anymore.(If you want to talk about aerodynamics, email me off-list.)
I also have found a rear-view mirror that works! This new mirror attaches to the end of the handlebar with a velcro strap, so it is easy to readjust if it gets bumped. The mirror is convex, which gives a wide angle field of view.
Thanks again for bringing this subject to public attention!
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