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Originally Posted by chelboed View Post
You are correct...comparing a cruddy rigid fork to a Dart is still not fair. A cheap rigid fork is still going to be fairly light and super efficient. The Dart will be neither. I'm glad you realized this comparison to be irrelevant, but why didn't you delete it?

Just sayin'.

Haha, I din't delete it because, in truth, few fork comparisons are relevant until those discussing it define some priorities and factors. If we're talking about price, steel rigid forks will basically blow anything else away in terms of performance/dollar. I can get a surly fork for less than i could get a dart. I don't know who in their right mind would order a dart aftermarket, but plenty of folks are selling them. The dart is heavy and crappy; the surly fork isn't it. Is it a fair comparison? Absolutely, if we're dicussing price. Absolutely not, if we're talking about overall performance or plushness.

Ed, thanks for the tips re: the suspension forks. I think i might pull the trigger on a squishie fork with a future frame, but not with my existing bikes. and, yes, my ocd gets on my nerves, but it is also the thing that enables me to use perfect semicolons.

As for lockout suspension forks on a SS, i guess it'd be pretty cool with a remote lockout, like a poploc, but the whole thing sort of flies in the face of the reason many SS ppl are goign 1x1 to begin with. 1x1 is nice for ppl who want to keep things simple, lightweight, and possibly cheep. To be sure, others do it for other reasons, and a very nicely equipped SS will be the same basic price as a comparably equipped 3x9, but i think most SSers are saving cash, weight, and complexity.

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