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I rode 25 miles in the past two days.
But I wrote another editorial opinion today:

An official, sanctioned , protest ride , like this one, is a good idea. It's not a race.
I'd participate, but I'm in New York at this moment.
Motorists need to become more aware. There is a law that say cars must leave at least three feet of space between their car and the bike they are passing. That means a bicyclist can't reach your car with an outstretched arm, approximately one yard, or three feet.
Ninety nine percent of bicyclists have a car (including myself). It's easy for the cyclist to see the situation from the motorists point of view. Most truck drivers have a bike, but the average motorist may or may not have a bike. Bicycling is an expensive sport. We cyclists have more money than the average motorist. What I'd like to vent about is those drivers who can't afford to keep a bicycle, had to choose a car OR a bike, but couldn't afford both, and then they treat cyclists like second-class citizens! The state pays millions to build bicycle lanes and put up signs to tell motorists what would be common sense, IF they had a bicycle.
Most roads are wide enough for a car to pass a bicycle safely. If a particular stretch of road is too narrow for a car to pass, it's the fault of the civil engineer who designed the road. It's not the cyclist's fault. Motorists should be patient, and courteous, and NOT harbor a grudge against the cyclists.
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