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Bashguard/Installation Questions

Hey Bikeforums! I haven't posted in a while, as a skiing forum and summer has taken over my time. Anyways, last year I bought my Giant Rincon. It has been a great bike for me. There is only one problem: the crappy plastic bash guard that came on it has broken due to large logs on the trails. I took it off yesterday, thinking not having it wouldn't be a problem, but it is. I was riding with pants on today and they kept getting caught in the crank/sprocket. I even have a hole now in my jeans. I know i know, i could just wear shorts, but it does get cold! And I would rather have a bash guard take hits instead of my chain rings.

So here comes the questions. My largest chain ring is 42T. I don't really want to take my large chain ring off because I'm quite lazy and don't want to go through the hassle. So I think i need a 42t or high bashguard, am i right? I know someone here has a blackspire guard thats for big rings, could that special someone post please? Anyone else would be great too. I know E13 is a good company, but the biggest i could find from them is 40T.

I also need to learn how to install it. Does it involve taking the crankset fully off my bike, or any special tools? IS there a park tools tutorial for this?

Last question. I need a website to buy a bashguard from. Im in Canada so any website with the company located in Canada would be great. Shipping and customs isn't exactly the most fun experience.

Those are all the questions i have now. Thanks for reading!

(yeah that was a long read)
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