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I witnessed a road-rage incident on Monday. The driver of a white SUV was driving a little erratically; driving 15 MPH at first, then speeding up in a School Zone. When the SUV got to "downtown", he stopped short, almost hitting a pedestrian in the crosswalk. The pedestrian pointed to the overhead sign, which reads "STATE LAW: DRIVERS MUST YEILD TO PEDESTRIANS IN CROSSWALK" and has flashing yellow lights.
The driver then jumped out of his SUV, went up to the pedestrian and grabbed him, and started shaking him .
I made a left turn at that point in time. My Mother was in the car and we had to get somewhere. I forgot to bring my cell phone, but I would've called the cops. Someone else had also blocked the SUV with a stretch-cab pickup truck, to prevent him from leaving.
That's all I saw.


Yesterday I did some more RVM. (Roadside Vegetation Management). I trimmed some hedges that were intruding over West Shore Road in Oyster Bay. I used hedge trimming shears and was able to trim the hedges about a foot back. I went about thirty feet, drank all my water, and called it quits.
I used the yellow bike, aka the Type 10 (photo above). I have added a second battery to this bike, so the blinkers are on their own battery, and the headlights, tail lights and markers are on the other battery. I had parked the bike with the lights on so drivers would see me as I trimmed the hedges.

Last night, I went grocery shopping with the mountain bike, and I put the new panniers to the test.
I bought: 1 box of salt, a box of saltine cracker, a box of 'sweet&low', a 24 ounce bag of Organic Sugar, a half gallon of milk, a package of 6 English Muffins, a large box of Rice Krispies, and two 8oz cans of Tomato sauce.
I really filled the panniers, and I had to put some items in the handlebar basket.

I had Mozzarella cheese at home, so I made "English Muffin Pizzas". I don't know if anyone knows how to make English Muffin Pizza outside of New York (or Bagel Pizza for that matter).
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