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I am just starting out, and I know this is a newb question, but here it goes. I have had a bike for just about 2 weeks and have had about 5 rides. All of them were between 5-10 miles. I know that isnt long, but I am getting my body use to the bike and learning things on each trip. I have been averaging 14-15 mph, which I thought seemed like a good speed, but a lot of things I see posted make me think that is no good. I ride in West Texas so most of the roads are flat but WINDY.

I feel like I am somewhat in shape, but not enough to pump the amount it takes to ride at 20 mph with the current bike, equipment, etc that I have. What are the first steps to take to start increasing speed / distance dramatically?

Maybe a few pieces of info will help. I have a Felt F-80, and use some clip-in biking shoes. I have been riding in normal shorts and a t-shirt. I have some turns in my course as most of my riding has been done in semi-residentail areas. I am about 5'11" 154.
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